Opportunity Zone Investments

OZI™ - A catalyst in connecting communities and investors to Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) investments

Opportunity Zones are a great new tool for you to eliminate your future capital gains. This new incentive is changing how investors structure their long term investment strategies.

Fund your next project with Opportunity Zone capital. OZI creates and manages single asset Opportunity Funds and works with partner Opportunity Funds to bring capital to your project. 

Are you a local municipality, county government, state department, tribe, or an economic development professional? OZI is here to help you create and roll out a robust Opportunity Zone strategy.

Program Overview

Learn about the Opportunity Zone program and how it works

Investor Information

Deploy your gains into an Opportunity Zone investment to defer and decrease your capital gains tax burden

Map of Opportunity Zones

Find an Opportunity Zone near you or across the United States

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